Landscape & Hardscape Installation

Pesce Landscaping specializes in landscape and hardscape installation and design. We offer a variety of design options and elements, along with skilled installers to ensure a quality product.

How It's Done

We begin by taking digital images of the area to use in our state-of-the-art computer imaging system, or create a 2D drawing using a copy of your plot or survey. Our computer imaging software then creates a visual landscape design that starts with a digital image of your home or building. The existing landscaping is removed and new elements added to create a dazzling landscape design. With the photo realistic representation in your hand, you can then make an informed decision.
Landscape Installation — Landscaping and Hardscaping in Morganville, NJ


Hardscaping can be thought of as the skeleton of your outdoor design. The hardscaping elements serve as both functional and beautiful elements of your landscape. For instance, a retaining wall adds beauty to your lawn utilizing concrete modular block to build terraces and accent trees or shrubs. They can also be used to solve erosion problems. We use only the best Interlocking Paving stone material and pavers by using the highest quality to blend with any architectural or landscaping style. They have a hard surface treatment, for a lifetime look, in addition, we use polymeric sand for our installation which virtually eliminates washouts / weeds in the pavers.








Located on Igoe Road in Morganville, our nursery offers more than 100 acres of variety of cultivated trees and shrubs, offering our clients the best plant material available. In addition to our regular staff, Laurence Pesce takes great pride in working the fields personally, improving the land for optimal growing conditions.
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